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April 30, 2020
screenshots of Silverhill Creative Millinery features

With a brand-new Silverhill Creative Millinery website, there’s not a full archive of blog posts and news … yet. So here’s a collection of past features, interviews and social media links.

Interviews and Features

I was selected for a profile interview on Hat Academy in February. Hat Academy is a terrific resource for milliners, and it was fun to talk about my work to an audience of fellow hat-makers.

In fall 2019, I was chosen as one of eight artist-entrepreneurs for the JumpStart Business of Art program through Generator maker space in Burlington, Vermont. It was an honor to be picked from so many applicants. I learned a ton from the program, and got to know other cool artists.

In 2016, I partnered up with Stasia Savasuk, who runs a really cool “Style School,” for her to try out some of my hats for her blog.

Past Blogging

I am currently the guest blogger on the topic of “Millinery Operations” for the website Mr. X Stitch. My topics there tend to be less focused on Silverhill Creative Millinery and more geared toward a general interest in wearing or making hats, so past posts feature other milliners, as well as other observations about the industry.

Before starting this blog in the fancy land of my very own website, I had a Silverhill Creative Millinery blog on Blogger.

It hasn’t been updated in a few years. Some past entries make me cringe a little. Some are good for nostalgia. And some I plan to revisit as new posts in this space! Stay tuned.

Social Media

My social media links are easy to find throughout this site. The main place to find me is @SilverhillCreative on Instagram.

I’m also on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.

And … I just signed up for TikTok! No videos posted yet. Time will tell if it will become my next Instagram or goes the way of Snapchat and Periscope for me. (I have accounts on both … and never use them.)

Contacting Me

Wherever you find me, unless it’s obviously abandoned (*ahem* Periscope), I am reachable! Feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Kristin Silverman


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